Real Pigeons Fight Crime

Publisher: Farshore

At the farm where Rock the pigeon lives, his talents aren’t really appreciated. Until the day Grandpouter Pigeon arrives, looking to recruit a master of disguise to the Real Pigeons – a gang of airborne crime fighters with special pigeon powers.

In three nail-biting adventures, Rock and the gang use their incredible superpowers to foil the dastardly plot of a monster crow and bring all the humans (and their breadcrumbs) back to the park. Then they’re fighting injustice on the trail of a meanie bat napper and finally they combine their skills to save the food fair (and all the sausages) from an evil-smelling, giant stinkbomb.

With comic-style black and white illustrations throughout, it’s the energetic, exciting pictures that lead the Real Pigeons’ heroic exploits. The good guys are really good, the bad guys are really bad, the plots are really devious, and together they are absolutely hilarious.

Each of the three stories is divided into short chapters, with as much illustration as text, making the book super-readable and ideal for youngsters looking to build reading confidence.

Not to be read under the desk at school, as the teachers will surely catch you out when you snort with laughter.

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