Rainbow Magic: Jae the Boy Band Fairy

Publisher: Orchard


Best friends Kirsty and Rachel share a special secret: they know lots of fairies and have embarked on many magical adventures together.

The girls are thrilled to be attending the glitzy City Music Awards, where Me-2-U, their favourite boy band, are performing the opening song. They are even more excited when they meet Jae, the Boy Band Fairy, whose job is to support boy bands from all over the world. With the help of his magical golden microphone, he ensures the band members are happy and work well as a team, so they are able to perform brilliantly for their fans.

When spikey Jack Frost steals the golden microphone, the girls are dismayed. Without Jae’s magical support, the boy band members are struck by stage fright, forgetting their words and stumbling over their dance routines, while Jack Frost dazzles the audience with his performance. Kirsty and Rachel must quickly devise a plan if they are to stop Jack Frost from ruining the awards ceremony.

This tale in the popular Rainbow Magic series of fairy adventures will delight young children. With short chapters and black-and-white line drawings, it is ideal to increase the confidence of newly independent readers.

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