Publisher: Simon & Schuster

A little bird with a bright turquoise flash on her wing finds it difficult to speak up among the other birds in the forest. However, one day, when she sees a giant metal monster cutting the trees down in the forest, the little bird knows that she has to use her voice to warn the other creatures of the forest about the danger. 

At first, the other birds downplay the importance of what the little bird has to say, but she gathers her bravery together and makes them understand that the threat is real.

Moreover, the little bird realises that the best way that she and all the other animals can stop the monster in its tracks is to join together in a wonderful song of belonging, friendship and family. Together, the animals realise that, when we have courage, there is a time and place for everyone’s voice to be heard, and be powerful. 

This heartfelt, profound book by award-winning picture book makers Tom Percival and Richard Jones is a subtle and beautiful reminder to all of us that using our voices to stand up for what we believe in is important, both for the collective, but for the individual too. In finding her own voice, the little bird grows in confidence and ends up leading her community.

There’s a moral here too about resisting environmental damage to natural environments, and in the wider sense, promoting the art of peaceful protest – especially with music. 

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