Coyote's Soundbite

A Poem for our Planet

Publisher: Lantana

Concerned about the sorry state of the planet, six formidable Earth Goddesses call a conference. Every female creature is invited to help decide what can be done about the humans, who are inflicting catastrophic environmental damage on the earth. Not wanting to miss the historic gathering, Coyote decides to attend in disguise, and sneaks in wearing his wife’s blue dress, high heels and matching handbag. As he listens to each goddess speak passionately about their contribution to the earth, an idea formulates in his mind and he feels compelled to speak out.

This thought-provoking tale features mythological characters from a diverse selection of cultures, such as Daruna, the Aboriginal goddess of creation, and Kujum Chantu from North-East India, whose eyes became the sun and moon. Lively illustrations, created using a mixture of coloured pencils, ink, gouache and collage, provide an exciting visual accompaniment to the rhythmic verse, which is perfect to read aloud.

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