Princess Katie’s Kittens: Suki in the Snow

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

When curious kitten Suki hides in Princess Katie’s backpack, she jointhe royal skiing holiday by mistake! A loving Katie makes a bed for her in the boot room of the chalet in the mountains. But Suki is bored staying inside by herself while Katie’s busy having fun outside, and she soon escapes into the snow. Then she becomes disorientated in the snowflakes, and cold and wet. Worryingly, as her fur is white, it’s tricky to see her. Can Princess Katie and her friend Becky find Suki and keep her safe? 

This is a very gentle chapter book, with cute black and white illustrations throughout. Princess Katie is a thoughtful, responsible kitten owner, and there is only mild peril for the cheeky kitten. There is a lovely wintry feel to the story, as Katie and her family enjoy the snowy activities, like snowball fights, building snow sculptures, ice skating and drinking lots of hot chocolate. The font is quite large and clear for newly confident readers, and at the back there are tips on looking after cats in cold weather. Cat lovers will be pleased to hear that this is part of a series 

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