Woodland Magic: Fox Cub Rescue

Publisher: Piccadilly

There are keepers everywhere but these tiny, magical people are very good at staying out of sight. Their life’s work is to protect the countryside and help it recover from the damage done by Ruffins.

Cora and Jax are excited and nervous as they will finally be allowed to go rewilding on their own if they pass the test to become trainee keepers.

But the task of tidying up the rubbish in the park and reseeding an area that the Ruffin children have churned up is temporarily forgotten when they get distracted by a massive slide and they fail their first assignment.

With just one more chance to prove themselves they are determined to stay focussed but a fox cub has been injured by the rubbish they failed to clear. And even another failure seems like a better option than leaving it to suffer.

Showing how small things can make a big difference, this is a charming story of friendship suffused with a sprinkling of woodland magic.

With an underlying message about respecting nature and being careful with the Earth’s resources, this is the first in a series of ‘chapter’ books for youngsters looking to build confidence in independent reading.

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