Midnight Magic

Publisher: Little Tiger

From the moment she was born on a snowy winter’s night, there has been something special about Midnight. Little does she know that black cats born at midnight have magical gifts – she just thinks all kittens can fly on brooms and shrink themselves so they can win hide-and-seek.

But what Midnight would really like is a family and a place to call home. When she crosses paths with Trixie, who happens to be looking for an adventure, the two seem perfectly matched.

Trixie’s dad isn’t sure he wants a kitten in the house, but her nan has the deciding vote, so Midnight stays. But how will the family react when magic and mischief take over their previously quiet lives?

This fabulous rhyming story is a captivating, enchanting adventure, fully illustrated in shades of magical purple.

Trixie’s multicultural family and their multi-generational household are endearing and entertaining. Her dad is initially wary of the strange. supernatural happenings but, with some encouragement from Nan, he eventually embraces the chaos.

Newly independent readers will find the clever rhymes, repeated rhythm and detailed pictures help them through Midnight’s story, while the same qualities make this an ideal bedtime read for younger children.

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