Rastamouse and Da Micespace Mystery

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Rastamouse is back! The hip, crime-fighting "Easy Crew" returns with their reggae band and a new adventure in Da Micespace Mystery. Rastamouse’s computer has crashed and he can’t upload the band’s newest tune to Micespace. He uses the unfortunate incident to catch a geek-a-mouse thief who has hacked into the local orphanage and stolen all their field trip money – ‘Ya lack of internet bankin’ security / Meant me could teef ya from inna mi house’

A funny letter from the thief is full of internet language like LOL and G2G – there’s a glossary at the end to help those who don’t yet speak cyber. The rhyming text will delight readers with its Jamaican dialect.

Modern references to MiTube, passwords, smartphones and online security will have adults chuckling at this clever, modern and hip story. (Don’t miss the pear icon on Rastamouse’s laptop.)

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