The Slug and the Snail

Publisher: Little Island

The Slug and the Snail is a beautifully illustrated refreshing modern-day Aesop’s Fable told through the eyes of two contented slug brothers making their way through life together, at a slug’s pace. Happily exploring the countryside and relishing small everyday delights, one day they encounter a crow who questions their way of life. This meeting causes one of the slugs to become embarrassed and self-conscious, so he makes themselves a shell in order to change his identity. The slug brothers grow apart as their lifestyles change, but in time they learn to accept each other and respect each other’s way of life.

This sweet and unique picture book is rooted in the oral tradition of the Irish Traveller community and gently explores themes of belonging, community, friendship, acceptance, and feelings with a light-hearted and thoughtful touch. 

This book concludes with a short introduction to the Traveller community which is informative and enlightening and provides a lovely context to the story of the slug and the snail.

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