Publisher: Scholastic

A delicious book by Alison Green with illustrations and a foreword by Axel Scheffler, plus pictures by 38 international illustrators, to celebrate kindness and humankind. It explores all the different ways we can be kind, by giving someone a smile, a hug, holding someone’s hand, making sure someone isn’t left out of a game or telling somebody a story. 

This book is quite simply a treasure trove of wisdom and beauty and the subject feels much needed as a point of discussion today. A book to remind us all that even small acts of kindness make an impact.

Since the book contains so many illustrations by different artists, the book is also a compendium of children’s book illustrators. It’s a lovely place to start and then go off to explore other books by those artists, including Quentin Blake, Chris Haughton and Lydia Monks, as well as international illustrators that will probably be less familiar including Marianna Coppo and Rotraut Susanne Berner.

A beautiful and profound book.

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