Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This delightful dictionary is bright and colourful, crammed full of Roald Dahl magic and Quentin Blake drawings.

Most of the definitions cite a wonderful Roald Dahl quote for reference - whether it's the ladybird in James and the Giant Peach explaining 'fortunate', or the use of a 'peephole' in The BFG.

The dictionary clearly wants to get children interested in language, especially from a creative point of view. For instance, there are loads of rhyming suggestions for budding poets, and tips on how to describe things with a bit of flourish. Among this advice, the dictionary also marks out the many amusing words that Dahl made up completely.

Brilliantly, the dictionary makes you want to read the author's books all over again. Immediately. And for kids new to Dahl, this is a lovely introduction to his funny, fantastic and screwball world.

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