Our Rights! Stories and Poems about Children’s Rights

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

This collection of stories and poems from some of the finest children’s authors would be a fantastic addition to any library or school shelf. Inspired by the various different rights of the child, as declared by the United Nations, these stories and poems are by turns moving, funny and thought-provoking. Editor Jake Hope wished to educate children about the rights that they have, and this anthology will do that and more – it will entertain and it will make the reader feel seen.

The rights highlighted include the right to life, the right to protection from violence, the right to education and the right to express opinions and be listened to. Such fertile ground for the incredible 22 authors and three illustrators! This is a beautiful book, with illustrations for every story or poem, and all author royalties will go to Amnesty International. There is a list of the 42 children’s rights at the end of the book, for those keen to know more. An important book that will stimulate discussion and encourage empathy.

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