Do Something for Someone Else

Meet 12 real-life children spreading kindness with simple acts of everyday activism

Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

This inspirational non-fiction picture book showcases incredible projects and campaigns undertaken by young activists from around the world, who recognised an injustice and did what they could to improve the lives of those affected.

Each double-page spread focuses on a different enterprise and explores what prompted them to address this issue. The impact of their actions is discussed and there are ideas to encourage readers to do something similar. The book features a diverse range of ventures, from community garden projects to raising awareness of mental health issues.

Colourful, full-page illustrations are overlaid with short paragraphs of simple text, making the book visually appealing, accessible and easy to navigate. An informative section at the end of the book provides practical suggestions for readers to help others: for example, listening to someone talk about their problems, joining the school council or finding out about important issues, such as racism and inequality. There is also a list of useful websites for further reading.

Emphasising that every small act of kindness can make a genuine difference, this thought-provoking book is sure to motivate young people to take action and make the world a fairer place.

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