Publisher: Nosy Crow

Myra and Rohan aren’t exactly friends – even though they share a birthday and their parents force them to spend it together every year. Rohan is careful, cautious, and quiet – Myra is reckless, impulsive, and has just managed to accidentally set fire to the shed.

But when Rohan’s baby sister Shilpa is stolen away to Otherland by a ruthless Fairy Queen, they must venture into the dangerous, magical world along with their newfound fairy godmother – the ultra-glamorous, green-skinned, totally cool Mab – to rescue her. As they navigate their way through a land of cunning fairy folk, deadly flowers, breathktaking spells and a Sea of Lost Things, they find that their differences might in fact make them a pretty good team – and they’ll need to trust each other if they’re ever to outwit the cruel Queen Gloriana and bring baby Shilpa home.

Fast-paced and imaginative, this magical fantasy adventure has just about everything you could want in a story – dragons, fairies, unicorns, vampires, and many more besides. Myra and Rohan are two brilliantly realistic and likeable characters, and their constant sniping at each other as they try to work together is hilarious. The rich descriptions of the incredible world they find themselves are so well written as to make the concept of flowers with eyes, or birds made of memories, feel totally plausible. A perfect book for more confident readers and fans of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency or Frostheart.

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