Orion and the Dark

Publisher: Templar Publishing

Orion has tried all sorts of things to avoid bedtime, but it always arrives in the end. He hates strange noises, and the way it gets darker and darker and darker... Until one night the dark comes alive and drops in for a visit. Soon, Orion and Dark are investigating all the scary places and strange noises together, and Orion finds that perhaps heneedn’t be scared. Perhaps Dark is interesting and magical after all. 

A beautiful picture book that should soothe little one’s fears of the dark. The realisation that things aren’t as scary once you know what they are – like a bird or a clock or a branch rustling – is one that bears repeating to all children. The sumptuous illustrations by Emma Yarlett bring a rich gorgeousness to the Dark. No wonder there will be a Netflix adaptation soon! This is a book to read at all times of the day – dark or light. 

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