George and His Nighttime Friends

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

George is a lonely little boy who is afraid of the dark and finds it difficult to get to sleep at night. He wishes he had a nighttime friend to keep him company and ease his worries. He is delighted when a little mouse appears from under his bed and takes him on an imaginative nocturnal journey. She introduces him to an enchanting group of creatures, each of whom has their own concerns. The new friends realise that together, they can overcome their fears and have fun.

In this dreamlike tale, one adventure leads seamlessly to the next. George listens politely to Rabbit play the piano, partakes in an exuberant game of badminton with Panda, and enjoys a delicious feast of strawberries, cream and sprinkles, whipped up by Pig, before returning to bed where he sleeps soundly.

The exquisite full-page illustrations, rendered in watercolour and coloured pencil, have a luminescent quality, and are full of marvellous detail. They provide subtle insights into George’s emotions; for example, the floral wallpaper pattern by his bed morphs into a menacing Venus flytrap, reflecting his anxieties.

Originally published in French, this wonderfully reassuring tale is sure to become a favourite bedtime read.

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