The Rabbit, the Dark and the Biscuit Tin

Publisher: Nosy Crow

One day, it’s starting to get dark, but Rabbit isn’t tired and definitely doesn’t want to go to sleep. But he has an idea: armed with his last biscuit, he goes to find the Dark. Of course, the Dark can’t say no to a biscuit and before he knows it, Rabbit traps him in the biscuit tin.

The Dark says that even if Rabbit doesn’t want the Dark, other animals do need it and pleads to be released. Stubborn Rabbit seems willing to sacrifice his toast and honey and refuses to admit he is grumpy. Rabbit soon starts to change his mind when his precious carrots wilt in the sun. Can the Dark convince Rabbit about the benefits of night-time and persuade Rabbit to open the tin and let the Dark out?

Destined to become a bedtime classic, this book is perfect for those little ones who might be a little bit reluctant to put down their toys and say goodnight. But by the time the book is closed, their eyes will be ready to close too.

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