Omar, the Bees and Me

Publisher: Owlet Press

When new boy Omar takes a slice of his mum’s honey cake to school for show and tell, he inadvertently sets in motion an exciting project that involves the whole class. Omar’s grandpa used to keep bees and their teacher explains the vital role that these little creatures play in our food chain. Maisie’s grandad is also a beekeeper, and she wonders if they could create a bee corridor of flowers from their school to his hive.

What follows is a wonderful collaboration between the children and the local residents, which beautifully demonstrates how small ideas can have big impacts. As well as having a positive effect on the environment, they also bring a community together for a common purpose, brighten up a drab neighbourhood and make people smile.

This inclusive tale features a range of different ethnicities, a wheelchair user and a gay male teacher. The delightful illustrations are bright, cheerful and energetic, reflecting the enthusiasm of the characters to create something special.

With a perfect balance of fact and narrative, this heartwarming picture book will engage and delight young children, and is sure to inspire them to encourage bees into their own outdoor spaces.

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