Mrs Noah's Garden

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Inspired by the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, the central character in this charming picture book is the strong, compassionate and quietly determined figure of Mrs Noah.

Having safely loaded pairs of animals onto the ark and successfully navigated the flood waters, Mr and Mrs Noah finally reach dry land. While Mr Noah concentrates on transforming their enormous boat into a house on the hill, Mrs Noah turns her attention to the outside space.

She desperately misses the garden she left behind, so decides to transform the land surrounding their new home. With the help of her children and some mythical creatures she secretly rescued from the flood, she sets about clearing and cultivating the ground. Together, they plant trees, shrubs, bushes and bulbs, and finally scatter the multitude of seeds she carried in the many deep pockets of her cloak. Then, they wait patiently for the magic of new life to unfold. 

The stunning collage illustrations are full of colour, texture and movement, evoking the beauty and magic of a botanical paradise. A gorgeous sequel to Mrs Noah’s Pockets, this delightful picture book is a mesmerising tale of hope and rebirth.

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