Anywhere Farm

Publisher: Walker Books

When a little girl decides to create an "anywhere farm", she tenderly plants a seed in a tiny patch of soil in an empty yard. She then watches and waits patiently, taking care to water and weed, until at last a shoot pushes its way up through the soil.

As the seedling grows, so does the community. Her neighbours are inspired to plant their own seeds, using anything they can find, from pots, pans and cups to an old shoe. Soon, the bleak 'no littering' sign is replaced by a welcoming 'neighbourhood farm' notice and a farmers' market springs up to sell their wares. What was once an empty, barren space is now a thriving community farm, bustling with life, laughter and friendship.

Rhyming text and warm illustrations create an uplifting tale that celebrates the joys and pleasures of growing not just food and flowers, but also friendships and communities.

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