Oh Maya Gods

Publisher: Chicken House

Vesper is brilliant at football. She’s great at helping her dad run the farm. She’s not so good at being friends with her cousin, Aster. Oh, and she hears a voice coming from the stones of Stonehenge. Meanwhile, Aster is super-bright, and he’s travelled the world with his mum, but every time he worries or panics (which is pretty often), his hands start to dissolve into stars.

When Vesper accidentally releases some nasty gods from their prison, it’s down to her and Aster to help save the world. Kizin, the Maya god of death, is intent on sacrificing every human – unless the cousins beat his team at Pok-a-Tok, the Maya game that’s a bit like football. But you can’t use your feet. Or your head or hands. Gulp. Can Vesper and Aster put aside their differences to stop Kizin’s destructive plans?

Fans of Maz Evans’ Who Let The Gods Out? series will be delighted to discover another action-packed adventure full of funny dialogue. Vesper and Aster take the god-outwitting reins from their parents – Elliot and Virgo – and the result is just as hilarious. Various characters from the other series feature, too, but this story stands alone.

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