Old Gods New Tricks

Publisher: David Fickling Books

When the whole world suddenly loses all electricity, Trixie dos Santos knows that the gods have stolen it. And she knows how to retrieve it: trickster gods. They’re full of pranks and schemes – they’re sure to be able to help her steal humans’ electricity back again. Soon, Trixie and her pet ferret Iorgi are summoning gods and tricking them into agreeing to aid her on her quest. Exú, Loki, the Monkey King, Maui – even the Old Coyote whom the Aztecs worshipped. She has her band of gods. But can they really steal back electricity from all the other super-powerful gods? 

With a cast of characters from a wide range of myths and legends, this is an action-packed, magical adventure. The reader is introduced to gods from across the globe, from many different cultures, and an appendix provides more details about the main five trickster gods, some of whom may not be familiar. Thiago de Moraes, from Brazil himself, has also drawn striking, dramatic illustrations for each chapter, adding to the sense of power for each god. Ultimately, this is a book about bravery, and about standing up for the little people (literally little compared to the gods!). 

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