No-Bot the Robot's New Bottom

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Bernard the Robot is playing happily at the park one day when he notices a strange noise. Might that clanking sound be coming from his bottom? Surely not. But, when Bernard realises that his bottom really is making funny noises, he asks Bear to take it away before it explodes.

Bottom-less, Bernard’s friends help him look for a replacement derriere: a cheese, a balloon, even a fish tank, but none of the choices are quite right. Fortunately, Bear returns just in time with Bernard’s repaired bottom - but it seems that Bernard isn’t the only one with a squeaky behind…

Hendra and Linnet are at the top of their game when it comes to funny books for 2-4 year olds, and this hilarious homage to farts, bottom burps and bums is a perfect read for little ones looking for lots of laughs as well as a story about being kind to our friends.

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