Frank and Bert

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Frank and Bert are best friends: Frank wears a blue knitted hat and Bert wears a very fetching knitted pink scarf.

Frank and Bert love a game of hide-and-seek, but Bert hasn’t quite mastered the art of hiding in 10 seconds. In fact, Bert complains that he never gets enough time to hide, and so Frank counts all the way to 100 to give him some quality hiding time.

Unfortunately, Bert’s pink scarf proves an unwitting clue to his hiding place, but Frank is much too nice to say anything…

This charming and simple picture book about friendship and counting is a lovely one for kids at nursery or in Reception. There’s a nice message here about being kind to our friends even when we know they’ve done something a little silly, and a fun story in which to practise counting all the way to 100.

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros’s characters are cute and full of character – and the book also comes free with a Stories Aloud smartphone audio book: useful for listening to stories on the move or at bedtime.

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