My Mum Tracy Beaker

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Publisher: Doubleday

The Story of Tracy Beaker, an award-winning novel about a troubled ten-year-old girl who lives in a children’s home, was originally published to great acclaim in 1991. Now Tracy Beaker is a mum, and this marvellous tale, narrated by her daughter Jess, introduces the spirited character to a new generation of readers.

Tracy works hard to provide Jess with a loving, secure home and they transform their damp, pokey council flat into a palace, with brightly coloured walls and knick-knacks collected from charity shops.

When Tracy starts going out with rich and famous former footballer Sean Godfrey, Jess feels unsettled. She assumes it will fizzle out like Tracy’s previous relationships, so is dismayed when her mum decides to marry Sean. They move into his enormous mansion, complete with swimming pool and housekeeper, leaving all that Jess knows and loves behind. Jess is torn: she wants her mum to be happy, but can she learn to like Sean?

Jacqueline Wilson’s relaxed writing style, together with Nick Sharratt’s entertaining line drawings, ensure this compelling book is accessible to a wide readership. Serious issues such as neglect, bullying and stepfamilies are explored with sensitivity and humour, creating a funny, moving and uplifting tale.

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