Darcy Burdock

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Publisher: Corgi Children's

'Have you ever noticed you’re noticing? Sometimes I notice that I notice so much that I get trapped in noticing my noticing.’

Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life's noticers, spotting the extraordinary in the everyday and coming up with ideas for wild and wonderful stories. Her lively imagination helps her put her own unique spin on day-to-day family life with Mum and Dad, little brother and sister Hector and Poppy, and pet lamb, Lamb-Beth. Drawing in everything from dealing with the dreaded 'Angrosaurus-Rex', to an unsuccessful attempt to run away from home, and the bittersweet tale of the Octopus and the Beautiful Lady, both boys and girls will find Darcy's bubbly first-person narrative impossible to resist.

Laura Dockrill's first book for children is packed with all the colour, energy and fun that fans of her writing and illustration have come to expect. Young readers who enjoy Tom Gates and Clarice Bean are sure to enjoy the off-the-wall humour and exuberance of this heartwarming, quirky story, which is accompanied throughout by Dockrill's idiosyncratic illustrations. Bold, fresh and deliciously mischievious, Darcy Burdock firmly establishes Laura Dockrill as an exciting new talent in children's fiction.

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