Pea's Book of Best Friends

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Red Fox

When Pea’s Mum becomes a famous children's author, everything changes. Pea and her family leave their home in Tenby behind, and move to London to start a whole new life. But not everyone is happy about this new beginning, and as Pea and her siblings plot to ruin Mum's career so they can move back to Wales, Pea agonises over settling in at her new school and finding a new best friend.

Susie Day's new series is great fun, with an unconventional family reminiscent of Noel Stretfeild's Ballet Shoes. Blending humour and chaotic farce with a dose of down-to-earth reality, young readers will readily empathise with the uncertainties that Pea and her siblings face both at home and at school, and will enjoy the story's reassuring resolution.

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