Mutant Zombies Cursed my School Trip!

(5 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Usborne

Ian Iansson comes from a long line of Ians and attends Dreary Inkling Primary School. His dad works for Widdle’s supermarket and the family regularly relocate for new jobs. Ian’s only friend these days is Remington Furious III, who lives only in Ian’s imagination. Ian begins to make new friends (Haroun and Beano) but it’s not easy to bond on a school trip to a haunted house.

The creepy Leviathan Hall is staffed by creatures whose limbs fall off occasionally. When teachers start disappearing and the lady of the house, Gertrude, sets the class to work building a “cage-y” structure decorated with padlocks, Ian begins to investigate. He discovers Gertrude’s evil plot but his friends are already cursed and Ian is the only one standing in the way of Gertrude’s grand plans to take over the world; not even Remington Furious III can help Ian now.

Children will laugh their heads off at this zombie adventure. Full of gooey fun, the story is a rollercoaster ride with monsters, close calls and a sweet friendship, too.

This book is a long read of over 200 pages but with simple vocabulary, double line spacing and quirky illustrations, it is suitable for younger and less confident readers.

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