The Last Kids on Earth

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Publisher: Farshore

Jack Sullivan is 42 days into the monster zombie apocalypse and has survived pretty well on his own, despite the occasional monster attack.

Since real life suddenly feels more like a video game, Jack has created his own Feats of Apocalyptic Success to complete: steal a hat off a zombie's head, explore 50 abandoned houses and so on.

The most important feats are to locate his best friend and inventor Quint Baker, and then find and rescue June Del Toro. This gets difficult when a particular monster, Blarg, becomes intent on killing off Jack. But with a bit of help, Jack just might become the best zombie-fighting and monster-bashing hero.

Filled with graphic novel-style illustrations, think Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets Shaun of the Dead. A fast-paced, funny story with lots of action, The Last Kids on Earth is the first in a series that is sure to grip even the most reluctant readers.

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