Future Ratboy and the Attack of the Killer Robot Grannies

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Publisher: Farshore

Colin Lampost is an ordinary boy who just wants to watch the film 'Attack of the Killer Grannies' and become a super hero. He is zapped into the future by a lightning bolt trying to rescue the family television from a rubbish bin. Once in the bizarre future world he quickly makes friends and finds they need his help.

Colin Lampost is transported to the future where he must battle the Killer Robot Grannies and try to return to his own time.

A nose, eyes, ears and a mouth go missing and he and his new friends need to battle the Killer Robot Grannies to return the features to their owners. Will he be able to find a lightning storm so that he can return to his own time or is he stuck in the future forever?

Following the success of the Barry Loser books Jim Smith brings us a hilarious new character in Colin Lampost.  The reader is introduced to new words such as 'keel' and the story is brought to life through Jim Smith's cartoon style illustrations.

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