Mike Falls Up

Publisher: Little Tiger

It is a scorching hot day in the Philippines and Mike and his dog Bowow go for a stroll through the Chocolate Hills. Suddenly, a deep crack opens up in the ground in front of them and Mike is alarmed when Bowow leaps into the chasm. Curiously, a party invitation drifts out of the hole, instructing him to 'just fall up', so Mike takes the plunge and follows his dog into the unknown.

He falls for such a long time that he dozes off, eventually waking in the home of a girl called Kaneisha, who lives on the other side of the world, in London. She has also received a party invitation, so the pair decide to investigate. Together, they whoosh up her chimney and embark on a surreal, dreamlike adventure, where they make an unusual new friend.

This quirky, imaginative tale is full of unexpected twists and turns, and is sure to engage young children. It demonstrates the importance of not pre-judging others and always extending the hand of friendship. Distinctive, full-colour illustrations provide humour and visual interest, while the short chapters are ideal for newly-independent readers.

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