Magical Kingdom of Birds: The Sleepy Hummingbirds

Publisher: Oxford Children's Books


Maya adores birds and is delighted when her big sister Lauren gives her a beautiful colouring book called The Magical Kingdom of Birds. As Maya colours the magpie on the first page, something amazing happens: feathers swirl around her and she falls into the picture, shrinking in size to land in the middle of a tranquil woodland.

She is greeted enthusiastically by Willow, a fairy princess, who explains that as Keeper of the Book, Maya is the only person who can save the fairy kingdom from evil Lord Astor. He has destroyed Willow’s royal cloak of feathers and cast a spell on the hummingbirds so he can capture them. Maya must help save the tiny tropical birds and collect feathers for Willow’s new magical cloak.

Lovely illustrations are dotted throughout the short chapters and there is a beautiful bird drawing to colour in on the inside front cover. This enchanting book also contains a wealth of fascinating facts about hummingbirds and suggestions for fun activities, such as how to make tasty bird snacks.

The series is ideal for nature-lovers who enjoy their adventures sprinkled with fairy magic, and each volume features a different species of bird.

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