Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

The perfect read for those who have just returned to school after a long summer break, Dreamweavers: Night of the Scary Fairies will take you on the rip-roaring journey of a lifetime!

Tito is introduced to a beguiling new girl at school by the name of Neena and she immediately sets to work teaching Tito the ways of the Dreamweaver. Each night under the cover of darkness Tito and his awe-inspiring new companion embark on a series of adventures, each one more thrilling than the last. In an unexpected twist Tito and Neena’s classmates begin to act strangely, as their personalities have mysteriously been switched, Tito and Neena suspect someone else has been dreamweaving but with the aim of causing absolute chaos and they must be stopped! Tito and Neena embark on solving the mystery, and if anyone can solve this riddle it’s this dynamic duo.

Beautifully illustrated throughout and with an enthralling, easy to follow storyline, this action-packed adventure will have readers gripping their seats. Annabelle Sami has woven a tantalising story which will ignite imaginations and a taste for adventure in even the most reluctant of readers.

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