The Spectaculars

Publisher: Usborne Children’s Books

The Spectaculars are theatrical folk, whose performances are elevated by their extraordinary, magical abilities. When the Minister of the Sunless Provinces declares they are a dangerous species, the Spectaculars flee persecution and seek refuge in the Hidden Peaks. However, during their daring escape, there is a tragic accident and the Woolfe family is left behind.

Harper Woolfe is unaware of her magical heritage until, aged 11, she is tracked down by Spectacular Chief, Morgan Fletcher. He offers her an apprenticeship at the Grand Wondria Music Hall and Theatre, where she will spend five years studying Theatrics and Mechanics, the two branches of magic. Delighted, Harper throws herself into the colourful hustle and bustle of the magical theatre, where she quickly makes new friends. She is devastated when, following a series of sinister attacks, she is accused of attracting the Curse of Misfortune to the Wondria. Determined to clear her name and discover the truth, Harper and her friends investigate, but danger lurks around every corner.

Children will be enthralled by this epic tale of magic, intrigue and treachery. Illustrated chapter headings and a map of the Hidden Peaks will help readers to visualise the imaginative characters and settings.

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