The Midnight Swan

Publisher: Firefly

Seren loves living with her godfather, his wife and young son Tomos, although is secretly worried that she may be sent back to the orphanage where she spent the first twelve years of her life.

On a trip to the Summer Fair, Seren purchases a mysterious casket from a ramshackle stall, tucked away down a dark alley. She soon realises that the small metal box, decorated with the image of a black swan, has magical properties. It appears to be linked with the fate of the children’s tutor, a cantankerous mechanical bird known as the Crow, whose greatest wish is to return to his human form. The magic that binds him in the bird’s body is dark and powerful, but despite extreme danger, Seren feels compelled to help him. However, she must constantly guard against the Tylwyth Teg, silvery faery folk who kidnap human children and have already attempted to snatch Tomos away twice. 

This gripping conclusion to a compelling magical trilogy is set in a dream-like fantasy world, reminiscent of Alice’s Wonderland. Enchanting and, at times, sinister, the tale weaves together elements of Welsh folklore with an enthralling quest for freedom, where friendship, integrity and courage are paramount.

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