Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

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Publisher: Puffin

8 year-old Lizzie cannot wait for the day that her parents say she’s ready to get a dog. In the meantime, she consoles herself by making lists of the benefits a dog will bring the family and learning as much as she can about being a responsible pet owner, with help from neighbours and best friend Ted. Then one day she spots a suspicious man and a van apparently snatching a puppy from a local garden! Lizzie is determined to investigate and save the little dog. This could definitely be the start of a beautiful new friendship and perhaps even a detective career for Lizzie…

An engaging illustrated early reader book, this is the first in a series of chapter books featuring Lizzie and Lucky the dog. Lizzie and her parents are deaf, and the family use sign language and sport colourful hearing aids. The author’s experience of partial deafness shines through, with helpful but gentle hints about the importance of accessibility and equality.  

Above all, this is a joyous tale celebrating animals, mysteries, family and friendship (both of the two-legged and four-legged variety!)

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