Little Santa

Publisher: Scallywag Press

Life at the North Pole is tough for the Claus family, who spend their days chopping wood, shovelling snow and catching fish. Everyone is miserable, except for Santa, the youngest of the seven Claus children. He loves to build snowmen, decorate pine trees, bake gingerbread and – best of all – slide down the chimney. While the other family members wear dull clothes and dour expressions, Santa dresses from head to toe in a bright red suit and is always full of cheer.

When the Clauses decide to move to sunny Florida, Santa is devasted. As they prepare to leave, a blizzard buries their cottage under a huge snowdrift, bringing their plans to an abrupt halt. Luckily, Santa is able to shimmy up the chimney and go in search of help. A variety of friendly characters come to his aid, all of whom will play key roles in his future adult career.

The distinctive artwork combines bold outlines with washes of colour, to create striking illustrations which are full of quirky detail and subtle humour. A wonderfully entertaining festive tale, perfect for anyone who has ever wondered what Santa was like as a child.

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