Explorers on Black Ice Bridge

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Publisher: Faber & Faber

This is the third fantasy adventure in a thrilling series about the exploits of a group of plucky young explorers, Ice Princess Stella, wolf whisperer Shay, Beanie the healer and magician-in-training Ethan.

Shay has a shadow wolf called Koa – a gentle, ethereal creature who is part of his soul. On their previous expedition, Koa is bitten by a witch wolf, which has a devasting effect on them both. The only hope of reversing the dark magic is for Stella to cast a spell from the Book of Frost. However, the book was stolen by the Collector, who is rumoured to live beyond the Black Ice Bridge, a perilous place that has claimed the lives of countless explorers.

Despite the dangers, the friends are determined to retrieve the book and they bravely embark on a treacherous journey into the unknown.

The tale is enhanced by eight double-page, black-and-white illustrations, which provide a splendid visual interpretation of the strange worlds and marvellous beasts they encounter, including a formidable ice dragon, a vicious giant squid and Melville the gentleman flamingo.

This fantastic book in a compelling series combines an exciting plot and courageous characters who are bound together with friendship and loyalty.

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