The Dentist of Darkness

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The Dundoodle Mysteries

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

After inheriting the McBudge Fudge and Confectionary Company, and dusty old mansion Honeystone Hall, Archie and his mum settle into the eccentric town of Dundoodle. Following a busy time of magical adventures, Archie is looking forward to a peaceful summer with his friends Fliss and Billy.

However, the Wyrdie Tree, source of all magic in Dundoodle, is under threat from the Mirk, an ancient forest spirit of darkness. As Guardian of the tree, Archie is summoned to protect it, but he’s not sure if he’s up to the challenge.

Meanwhile, sinister dentist Dr Preen embarks on a surprisingly effective campaign to rid the town of all things sugary and sweet, but Archie suspects his motives are not as wholesome as he claims. With help and encouragement from his friends, Archie must muster all his courage and trust his instincts if he is to save Dundoodle.

Funny and fast-paced, this entertaining story is bursting with mystery, sweets and ancient magic. The enthralling plot, wacky characters and larger-than-life villains are brought to life by witty black-and-white illustrations. Confident young readers will love this second instalment of the Dundoodle Mysteries series, which can also be enjoyed as a standalone tale. 

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