The Midnight Guardians

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Publisher: Walker Books

Following the death of their father, 12-year-old Col is evacuated during the Second World War, while his big sister Rose stays in London to help with the war effort. Learning that Rose is in terrible danger, Col embarks on a perilous journey to save her.

He is accompanied by his guardians, childhood imaginary friends who have come to life to protect him: Pendlebury, a brave and noble tiger who can change size at will; Mr Noakes, a gentle old badger with a knack for finding food; and the King of the Rogues, a small, fearless knight. Along with Ruth, a German refugee who joins them on their quest, they must work together to defeat the Midwinter King, a terrifying ruler from the spirit world. Determined to destroy all joy and happiness, he becomes increasingly powerful as he draws strength from the darkness generated by the war.

This compelling novel combines historical elements with a fast-paced fantasy adventure and provides readers with an insight into some of the hardships endured during the Second World War. An engaging and moving tale, it celebrates friendship, trust and courage, emphasising that fear and hatred can be defeated by hope and love.

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