Dead Good Detectives

Publisher: Farshore

The seaside town of Fathom is home to Sid and her father, who own the local model village, Fathomless. Sid is shy and hates to be noticed, which makes it difficult to spend time with her outlandish best friend Zen, who loves to be centre of attention. The pair enjoy hanging out in the graveyard, where they make up stories about the people who are buried there.

One night, during a tremendous storm, Sid accidentally releases a ghost from the mausoleum, pirate Ezekiel ‘Bones’ Kittow. He has unfinished business in the land of the living, which he must wrap up if he is to move on to the afterlife. However, his pirate crew, along with many other lost souls, are trapped in the Halfway House, a ghostly pub, whose Innkeeper won’t release them without a fight. Sid promises to help Bones find his treasure and free his shipmates but soon realises that this is a deadly task.

Compelling, spooky and very funny, this tale features plenty of intrigue, a sinister villain and an enthralling cast of ghosts. Accompanied by expressive black-and-white illustrations, it also explores the importance of facing fears, standing up to bullies and the value of true friendship.

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