Little Horror

Publisher: Firefly Press

Rita Jeffreys may only be two years old, but she has the intellect of an adult: she learns to speak when she is just five months old, teaches herself to read and write by the age of 18 months, and regularly watches documentaries on the History Channel. Crawling, walking and potty training all take a little longer to master.

Rita decides to keep her talents under wraps, partly so her parents don’t freak out, but also so she can eavesdrop on adult conversations. However, events take a sinister turn when someone discovers her secret and her entire family mysteriously disappears.

Forced to go into hiding in a soft play centre, Rita is relentlessly pursued by Tiptoes the creepy clown, an eerie ice-cream van and a mob of scary children. She must stay one step ahead – not easy as a lone toddler – while she pieces together the clues and attempts to rescue her family.

This hilarious tale features wacky characters, a madcap plot and plenty of ominous twists and turns, not to mention an audacious escape on a mobility scooter. A highly entertaining, laugh-out-loud book, which is sure to be thoroughly enjoyed by middle grade readers.

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