Little Explorers: Science

Publisher: Templar Books

Though at first glance one might think that a board book with flaps would be aimed at pre-schoolers or children in Reception or Year 1, this book is in fact full of reasonably advanced scientific information. Containing spreads on the periodic table of the elements, the makeup of an atom (protons, electrons and neutrons) and topics such as the water cycle (precipitation and evaporation), this is actually a book more suited to mid or even upper primary aged children.

The flaps and bright design provide a stimulating interactive element to inspire children to want to learn more about science, and each flap and section contains quite a lot of text in reasonably small font, meaning that it’s more than an absolute first introduction for little ones, but great for 7s upwards. The design doesn’t feel babyish, so 7 and 8 year olds won’t feel like it isn’t for them.

This would make a lovely addition particularly to a school library, or a great gift for a young science enthusiast with lots of questions.

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