Top Tens

Publisher: Collins

Want to know what the ten most endangered animals are? Ever wondered what the ten weirdest world championships are? What about the ten most expensive paintings in the world?

This book is packed with fun and fascinating facts about the world. With sections on creatures, the planet, space, humans and history, it covers topics from the weirdest weather recorded to world-changing inventions. Every page has ten bite-sized facts on a specific theme, and it’s full of photographic images, so that readers can see the real-life things the facts are about.

With 150 different top ten lists to discover, that’s one and a half thousand different facts to find out about! Some of the lists are specific facts, such as the biggest, smallest, etc. while others are things like ten fun or interesting facts about a particular topic (e.g. ten creatures with tentacles!), or lists of ten things within a category, like ten of the coolest caves or coolest supercars. 

Great for dipping in and out, this is a really fun book for anyone who loves to share facts and find out more about the world around them – and maybe inspire them to create some of their own ‘top ten’ lists.

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