Let’s Go For A Walk

Publisher: Ivy Kids

When you go for a walk, how many colours can you see? What do you hear? Or perhaps you notice the interesting smells? Some things are easy to spot, like tall buildings or fluffy clouds, but some, like ants and other bugs, are so teeny tiny that you have to look very closely or even use a magnifying glass.

This book is packed with multi-sensory ideas for exploring the world around you, full of questions and tips to encourage readers to look differently at the environment they’re in and engage all of their senses. Wherever you live, in a town, by the sea or in the countryside, it will make any walk more interesting and exciting. And whether you read it at home or take it out with you, it might make you look at the world outside in a different way.

Colourful illustrations and a mix of rhyming text and factual information bring the book to life. Showing how our surroundings change according to seasonality and time of day, or how any walk is full of sizes and shapes, numbers and letters, loud and quiet, this will be a great hit with any youngster who is curious about their surroundings.

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