Go Wild in the Woods: An Adventure Handbook

Publisher: Nosy Crow

This fantastically comprehensive handbook for young woodland explorers is packed full of ideas about how to make the most of the great outdoors, striking the perfect balance between having fun and staying safe.

There are short, informative chapters on every aspect of woodland adventuring, including setting up camp, making tools out of wood, what to eat and drink, first aid, identifying animal poo and what do to if you are lost. The section on how to build a toilet even suggests suitable leaves to use as loo roll, and highlights those to avoid, such as poison ivy and stinging nettles!

Containing a wealth of practical advice, humour, colourful illustrations and a useful glossary and index, this excellent survival guide will enthuse and inform. Written in partnership with the National Trust, it focuses on empowering young people to explore their natural surroundings in a fun, thoughtful and safe way.

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