Wild Child: A Journey Through Nature

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

This sophisticated picture book invites the reader to become a "Wild Child" and embark on a breathtaking journey of discovery through nature. Divided into chapters, the first encourages children to look out of the window and observe their immediate natural surroundings. This is followed by an exploration of the garden, an expedition through woods, and a trek uphill before the adventure concludes at a river.

Each chapter opens with an enticing invitation to explore the specified area, with passages of poetic prose that describe the hidden wonders that can be found there. Next are facts about different species of birds, insects, animals and plants, along with information about a range of topics, such as metamorphosis and migration. Lastly, there is a practical task: for example, making a bird feeder or discovering what lives on an oak tree. The final section sends the Wild Child out to explore nature for themselves, armed with their new skills and enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

Beautifully designed, the sensitive text is enhanced by stunning artwork, which combines exquisite drawings, paintings, collage and photographs to create a spectacular celebration of the natural world. A unique book that is sure to be treasured.

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