Lenny Has Lunch

Publisher: Alanna Max

It’s lunchtime at Lenny’s house. Whilst Mummy is at work, Lenny and Daddy – and dog Wilbur – have some quality bonding time in the kitchen together. Daddy prepares lunch whilst Lenny plays along with his toys and copies some of dad’s actions. As they wait for the food to cook, Daddy, Lenny and Wilbur even have a sing-along of ‘Row Row Your Boat’!

This charming and warm-hearted picture book celebrates the simple joys to be found between parent and child during an everyday family ritual. The spare and simple text captures the many sounds of the home kitchen – from the chop-chopping as Daddy prepares the food to the slurps and slops of Lenny enjoying his meal.

But it is in the gorgeous and bright illustrations that the book really comes to life. The broad visible brush strokes give the book a sense of movement, perfect for capturing Lenny’s excitement as he plays and waits for a delicious meal. We also love the small background details – especially the longing gaze of dog Wilbur as Daddy chops the carrots!

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