Zeki Loves Daddy

Publisher: Alanna Max

From when he wakes up in the morning, Zeki and his daddy fill their days with yummy pancakes, dippy dancing, playing, and reading. And when it’s time to sleep, Daddy’s hugs are the snuggliest around.

Zeki Loves Daddy celebrates the everyday moments of fatherly love. As well as honouring Zeki and Daddy’s sweet relationship, it’s a wonderful look at a daily routine where Daddy and Zeki make breakfast, play together and have bath time, all of which a toddler will recognise and relate to.

Fun rhyming text makes this an ideal book for shared reading time. Full of love and expression, Ruth Hearson’s illustrations are utterly adorable and are sure to prompt plenty of cuddles while reading together.

As with its companion book, Zeki Loves Mummy, Zeki’s toy seahorse can be found somewhere on each page. Children will love playing "spot the seahorse" while enjoying all of Daddy’s and Zeki’s daytime adventures.

Made from thick card with curved corners and manageable size, this picture book is an ideal gentle step-up from board books.

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