Lenny and Wilbur

Publisher: Alanna Max

Lenny and Wilbur, his dog, are the best of friends and spend lots of time together.

Today, Wilbur needs a bath, so Lenny and his mum pour warm water on his fur and make plenty of bubbles with the shampoo. When Wilbur shakes himself dry, Lenny gets very wet!

Wilbur has been so good, he has earned a treat, and later joins in when Lenny sings him a song! After such a busy day, it’s time for the friends to have a well-deserved rest.

This illustration-led picture book, about the special bond between one boy and his dog, is packed with activities that will be familiar to many preschoolers.

Bright, bold and reflective of a culturally diverse family, the illustrations exude warmth and fun.

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